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Welcome to BTS Purple Lights


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About Us

BTS Purple Lights was founded on January 1st, 2020 by three BTS ARMY from Texas. After two years leading both of the former Purple Ribbon ARMY Texas Divisions (PRAFW & PRATX, 2018-2019) the founding members decided to pursue their dream of creating a global fanbase.  The purpose of this fanbase would be to support BTS, share their positivity, and connect fellow ARMY worldwide. Thanks to the efforts and dedication of ARMY volunteers the fanbase is now a family-like team of proud OT7 BTS fans from North America to Asia fulfilling that purpose. 


Together as 'family by choice' Purple Lights Global ARMY fanbase is happy to love and support all 7 members of BTS with the beautifully diverse ARMY fandom.



The Team

All members of the Purple Lights team support and love all 7 members of BTS.
Our team is a close-knit unit of ARMY volunteers  from all over working together on a regular basis to plan, create, and host; projects, fundraisers, activities and events for ARMY online and offline. 

The members of BTS Purple Lights work together through platforms like Slack, Canva and social media to complete different tasks and connect with ARMY throughout each month. As volunteers with the fanbase each ARMY works hard to help show support for BTS and those who love them.


Our Mission

Our fan base's mission is to share and uphold BTS' positive message by guiding ARMY and communities worldwide through a path of self-empowerment, compassion, and love. We hope that this path is illuminated by a purple light that enshrines all those that are touched by it with the same love and respect that the color purple has come to represent in the BTS ARMY family and that those who have walked on this path can become a guiding light to others.